As I Sow Seeds of Hope!

I would never in my wildest dreams imagine I would be heading to New Zealand for 6-months as I near my sixty-second birthday!

Come along with me!

Meet Deb Ringler

Deb’s lifelong love affair with the plants began as a child exploring the outdoors in her backyard. A visit to a retail plant nursery inspired her to seek horticulture as a career. By the age of twenty-two, she had founded an interior plant business that she managed for the next four decades. These forty years of service to her community provided ample opportunities to cultivate connections with people and plants.

Deb’s passion for teaching sprouted when her young son Kris asked her to visit his class and make their botany lesson come to life. Her persona as Miss Daisy was born, and she continues to share her fascination with nature with children in outdoor classrooms. Her favorite place to teach is under the canopies of trees.

Deb has created and instructed several horticulture classes on a college level and became a seasoned trainer in the plant industry. In addition, as a Master Gardener, she has presented educational presentations to the general public on various plant topics.

Over the years, Deb found the methods she used as a gardener to help plants thrive could be metaphors for growth in our inner gardens. Deb has a unique way of combining her vast horticulture knowledge and personal life experiences to connect her audience to the wonders of the natural world and the lessons it can teach us.

Deb also enjoys documenting her love of nature through videos and photography.
All Nature Photography on this website was personally taken by Deb.

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Support Deb!


Prayer is the most valuable support you can offer.

Please pray for her health, stamina, wisdom, and absorbing all that she is learning so she can continue to sow seeds of hope to a hurting world.


Of course, your financial contribution is also greatly appreciated.

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