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My love for exploring nature with children began when my son Kris was born. After teaching his second grade class about plants, my gift for teaching emerged. Throughout my career I have loved educating people of all ages about the plant world, but children remain my favorite. Those two little boys you see pictured above introduced me to Tinkergarten in 2018 and the world as I knew it changed. The passion I experienced teaching preschoolers in my outdoor classroom at a local park lit my heart on fire. Adventures with Auntie Deb will be the path for my younger followers to join me as I explore a whole new world.

August 8, 2022

Written by Deb Ringler

My love affair with the plants began as a young child exploring the outdoors in my own backyard. This passion grew into a lifelong career in horticulture.

Over the years, I found the methods I used as a gardener to help my plants thrive could also be metaphors for growth in our inner gardens.

I am always seeking ways to combine my horticulture knowledge and personal life experiences to connect others to the wonders of the natural world and the lessons it can teach us.

I created four different blog paths for you to chose from to follow my journey as I live in New Zealand for the next six months. It is bound to be exciting and I thrilled to have you join me on the adventure of my lifetime.


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I’m going to New Zealand!

I’m going to New Zealand!

I would never in my wildest dreams imagine I would be heading to New Zealand for 6-months as I near my sixty-second birthday.

After a life-altering journey with cancer in 2011, I realized my body and soul had been neglected as the demands of being a single mom running and growing a plant business increased. I shared my cancer journey thru my CaringBridge blog, and the response I received from hundreds of people was overwhelming. As I shared my faith journey with others during this challenging time, I found it increased my hope in God to show up in a big way, and He did!


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